Joerg Huber

SIF Solution Architect & Co-Lead of the SIF International Technical Board

Joerg Huber is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected SIF expert. Since November 2008, Joerg has been involved in a number of SIF related developments and projects. Joerg was one of the first engineers in Australia to work on the “Proof of Concept (POC)” for the SIF AU standard (SIF 2.x). As part of the POC, Joerg developed a number of agents to interact with the Case21 system in Melbourne. This formed the base of the Open-Source SIF Common Framework (Java & OpenADK) which has been designed and implemented by Joerg. After the POC phase Joerg contributed to a number of SIF Pilot projects, one of which is the Tri-Border Project. Right after the release of SIF 3.0 in 2013 Joerg has designed and implemented the Open-Source SIF3 Framework in Java that has since been used in a number of key projects in Australia and the US.

Joerg is a member of the SIF Association and the Australian Data Standard Working Group (DSWG). He is also the Co-Lead of the SIF International Technical Board. He regularly attends international conferences and workshops and contributes to current SIF initiatives in Australia and Internationally, most notably to the SIF 3.x specification. As a co-author and reviewer of various SIF 3.x specification documents he is always at the forefront of the newest SIF developments. Further he is part of a number of international project teams such as the Infrastructure and Global Data Model Team.

Through NSIP Joerg also provides technical advice to many jurisdictions in relation to agent architecture, design and implementation as well as ZIS architecture and design.

Rafidzal Rafiq

SIF Solution Engineer

Rafidzal Rafiq is a Senior Software Engineer who has worked with SIF technologies for the past 2 years. In addition, he has extensive experience in the defence, commercial, financial and education industries in Australia, and telecommunication, e-commerce and mobile communications markets overseas.

Rafidzal was responsible for the design and development of a re-usable framework for the creation of SIF Agents in .NET (SIF Common Framework) which was used extensively in the Tri-Border Project. He is a member of the SIF Association Australia and a participant of the Australian Data Standard Working Group (DSWG). He also provides SIF consultancy services to educational jurisdictions across Australia and previously presented a workshop on SIF Agent development for NSIP.

Justin Magraith

Project Manager

In his role as the Enterprise Architect for the Department of Education (DOE) of Western Australia, Justin led all of DOE’s SIF projects. Justin obtained corporate buy-in for the projects, then used the wider SIF community to make the best use of SIF.