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Our staff are able to provide a comprehensive range of SIF Integration services.

Project Management

We have experienced project managers that can help you bringing a project from an idea all the way through to realisation. Our project management experience ranges from small to large projects in a number of sectors including education, finance, defence etc.

Adapter/Agent Architecture

We are specialised in SIF 2.x agent architecture and more recently in the architecture of SIF 3.x adapters (consumers & providers alike). Some high profile and key projects in Australia and the US have drawn on our knowledge in SIF Agent/Adapter architecture.

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Design and Implementation

One of our core strengths is design and implementation of SIF Agents & Adapters (Java & .Net). We are the authors, designers and implementers of several hugely popular Open-Source SIF Frameworks that have been used throughout Australia and recently in the US.

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We have become a world wide leader in providing SIF 2.x and SIF 3.x training. We can tailor workshops and training courses to your needs.

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About Us

The Systems Interoperability Framework is a set of standards and practices that enables the sharing of student data. SIF originated in the USA in the late 90's and then spread to the UK in 2007. Australia began piloting SIF-based projects in 2008. Today, SIF is the defacto world-standard for school-based systems interoperability.



From the very beginning in Australia, our engineers and architects have been at the forefront of the largest and most ambitious SIF-based projects in the country. Joerg Huber is Australia’s leading SIF technical expert with membership of a number of Australian SIF groups as well as being Australia’s technical representative on the SIF International Technical Board. Raf Rafiq is another leading Australian SIF expert with experience in a number of SIF-based projects, including the award-winning Tri-Border project.

Our personnel were involved in the very first SIF projects in Australia and has continued its support and involvement with SIF to the present day.

We can provide full solutions for SIF integration projects including:

  • Project Management

  • Agent Architecture

  • Design and Implementation

SIFintegration personnel have a unique and broad mix of skills, with foundations in Science, Defence, Financial Systems and Education, and this enables our teams to be agile, highly productive and focussed to provide value for money for our SIF clients.

SIFintegration has provided solutions, specialists, project management and training capabilities to various education institutions, and directly to the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP).


Key People

Meet the SIFintegration Team

Joerg Huber

SIF Solution Architect

Rafidzal Rafiq

SIF Solution Engineer

Justin Magraith

Project Manager

What People Say about us...

  • The SIF 3 Common Framework provides a solid and scalable open source foundation for RIC One API’s appliance implementation, which is the RIC’s strategy for implementing regional infrastructure for rostering in New York. Systemic has been a great partner, providing training for our people, and rapidly responding to our specific needs with changes to the SIF3 Framework.

    Jason Wrage CEO & Principal Consultant, OVRTR, Inc. (USA)

  • It’s important to our districts that applications adopt the xPress API. We offered a no-charge professional development event led by Joerg to enable vendors to get up to speed quickly on one of the best tools, the SIF3 Framework. His in-depth knowledge of SIF 3 and the toolset was a real accelerator for several of the vendors in our marketplace.

    Joe Fitzgerald Assistant Director, Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (NY, USA)

  • I would like to thank you for your excellent training session in Melbourne last week. The framework is very impressive, well designed and easy to use.

    Gerald Gierer Gieman IT Solutions

  • Big thanks to Raf particularly at Systemic, but also Joerg too, for their technical support and assistance and for their work on the Java and .Net versions of the SIF Framework and their Bootcamp sessions. IMHO this is exactly what is needed to soften the learning curve and provide the ‘leg up’ to increase and widen the adoption rates across the sector.

    Bryan Richards-McCabe Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

  • Thank you for all you contributed to the SIF Developer Camp in Dallas. I enjoyed your presentations, and learned much from you. You did a great job!

    Dick Skibbe Bureau of Information and Analysis Division of Learning and Results Iowa, Department of Education

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